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Ap Applications
  • Due February 26,2016


Edgewater High School’s Advanced Placement Academy is designed as a challenging college preparatory curriculum emphasizing academic rigor. It is intended to prepare students to be successful upon entry into a selective four year post-secondary institution and offers the potential for earning college credit while in high school. The Advanced Placement Academy is an interdisciplinary program focusing on Liberal Arts through Pre-AP and AP courses.

The purpose of AP examinations is to allow students to demonstrate college-level achievement in certain subjects. Students who do well on the AP exams may receive college credit or advanced standing at a college or university. The AP exams are typically taken by juniors and seniors enrolled in Advanced Placement courses, although freshman and sophomores and students not enrolled in AP courses may also take the exams. The test combines multiple choice, essay, problem-solving and other questions. Students receive a score on a scale of 1 to 5, with a 3 usually considered an indicator of college-level achievement. The exams are given during the month of May.

By completing the requirements of the Advanced Placement Academy, students have the opportunity to earn prestigious designations, including state and/or national AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, and AP International Scholar. Admittance into the Advanced Placement Academy is by application. Students must reside within the Edgewater High School district to be eligible to apply. Contact Student Services at 407-835-4903 for applications.

Applications for the 2015-2016 school year are due by February 26, 2016. You can download the AP Academy Application Packet in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader (PDF).

AP Academy APP 2016 2017.docx

AP Academy APP 2016 2017.pdf


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AP Academy Course Offerings


Course Department
AP American Gov't Social Studies
AP Art/Draw Port Art
AP Biology Science
AP Calculus Ab Math
AP Calculus Bc Math
AP Chemistry Science
AP Compu Sci A Technology
AP Eng Lang Comp English
AP Eng Lit Comp English
AP Env Sci Science
AP Euro History Social Studies
AP Capstone Social Studies
AP Human Geography Social Studies
AP Latin - Vergil Foreign Language
AP Macroeconomics Social Studies
AP Microeconomics Social Studies
AP Music Theory Performing/Fine Arts
AP Physics B Science
AP Political Sci Social Studies
AP Prob & Statistics Math
AP Psychology Social Studies
AP Span Lang Foreign Language
AP Span Lit Foreign Language
AP Studio Art 2D Art
AP Studio Art 3D Art
AP U S History Social Studies