EST STEAM Project/Senior Capstone


During the 12th grade year, all students will participate in the SENIOR CAPSTONE course. Their track will depend on which course they are enrolled in, but ultimately, they will all be in the same course together. Engineering students will be enrolled in ENGINEERING, DESIGN, AND DEVELOPMENT. Technology students will be enrolled in ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS. Both courses are weighted the same. 


Teams will be created of 3 – 6 EST students representing all majors. Towards the end of their junior year, students will be placed on a team that represents a small corporation. The purpose of this corporation is to CREATIVELY INNOVATE. The goal behind this idea is for students to use all of the tools that they have learned to solve a problem. The problem could address an area of need in the community, state, nation, or even internationally. Some of the requirements of the capstone project include.

  • A technical paper detailing the problem, the team’s research, and the proposed solution
  • A student-created website about the proposal
  • A video presentation detailing the proposal
  • A presentation at the end of the senior year. (STEAM Expo)
  • An industry partner and mentor


Project proposals will be submitted and graded during the spring of the junior year. During their senior year, students will reconvene with their teams and execute their proposal by creating a working prototype, conducting experiments, conducting a statistical study, or some other tangible result.