EST Magnet Shadowing and Tours

Current eighth-graders who are interested in attending our magnet program can shadow a magnet student.  Shadow days are as follows.
  • Here are a few important things to consider in preparation for the day:
  • We have a strict “no cell phone” policy during class time and even when a student is in the hallway during class time. Phone usage is only permitted before school, during, lunch, and during transitions.

  • Please plan to arrive at 7:00 AM and check-in at the front office.   Your student will have a visitor badge waiting for them. Once their 9th grader arrives, we will send them off to class which begins at 7:20 AM.  

  • Please plan on having your student bring lunch, bring money, or use their OCPS number to get lunch through our service lines.  Your student will need to provide their middle school to the cashier to properly add the lunch to any school pay or free/reduced lunch account.

  • Please plan on picking up your student at 2:00 PM. Our day ends at 2:20 PM and dismissal can be busy.

Visitor Lot by auditorium using the PAR/EDGEWATER drive entrance. Park then enter the front office. Note: Due to cones you may have to circle the entire student lot loop before reaching the visitor lot.

Tours are provided to parents on the EST Shadow Day once the students are off to class.