Vision, Mission and Goals

Edgewater High School

Center For Future Educators Magnet

"Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow"

Center for Future Educators

Vision Statement:

OCPS Vision - To ensure every student has a promising and successful future

EHS CFE Vision - To be the top producer of successful education students in the nation.


Mission Statement:

To prepare students for top teacher preparation programs in post-secondary institutions through the use of rigorous and relevant curricula and innovative instructional techniques applied in a real-world learning environment.


Goals of the Center for Future Educators:
1. Set the standard for excellence in recruiting today’s high school and middle school students as tomorrow’s teachers.

2. Provide leadership for “home-growing” future teachers, particularly for challenging high needs schools and high shortage subjects.

3. Extol teaching as an honorable profession dedicated to achieving the highest professional standards in the service of Florida’s students, schools, and communities.

4. Work collaboratively with high schools, colleges/universities, corporate, governmental and community agencies to fund and develop future teacher recruitment programs and activities.

5. Conduct research and share trends pertinent to future teacher recruitment.

Important Dates/Items

  • February - Magnet Application Closes



Magnet Administrator Email Addresses
Magnet Administrators Phone # Email Address
Maria Schmidt-Sutton - Assistant Principal 407-835-4900 [email protected]
Ishan Le'Vere - CFE Coordinator 407-835-4900 [email protected]