The Guidance department is the headquarters for student services. Guidance counselors can assist you in picking classes, signing up for tests, researching scholarships, and preparing for graduation and beyond.


Photo of Ashley StephensonMs. Ashley Stephenson Counselor Last Name A- Do Google Number: 321-926-1263

Ms. Foerst attended The University of Florida and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Minored in Leadership.  She then obtained her Master’s Degree from The University of Florida in International Business. Ms. Foerst then attended The University of Central Florida and received another Master’s Degree in Counselor Education.  This is Ms. Foerst’s 4th year as a Guidance Counselor and she chose this profession where she could empower students and make an impact each day. She chose to leave her corporate job to pursue something more fulfilling; she loves her career as a school counselor!  Ms. Foerst’s favorite hobbies are going to concerts, playing tennis and running her Etsy site. Ms. Foerst wishes that all of her students are able to slow down, enjoy this stage of life, and take time to explore their interests. Thank you, Ms. Foerst, for all that you do for our school and students.
Photo of Jessica Richardson
Ms. Jessica Richardson  
Counselor Last Name Dr-Lap 
Google Number: 407-801-6822

Ms. Richardson attended Polk State College and earned her AA degree in Liberal Arts then transferred to Jacksonville University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in English.  She then attended Stetson University to earn her Master’s Degree in School Counseling. This is her 4th year as a Guidance Counselor and her 8th year in Education. Ms. Richardson was a classroom teacher and noticed the struggles her students were facing and she felt the need to do more to support her students and their families, so she decided to become a counselor to help students achieve their goals and to coordinate services for their families.  Ms. Richardson enjoys spending time at the gym or attending concerts when she is not at school. Her wish for her new EHS students is for them to realize their true potential and strive to reach their goals in life.
Shamoyia James Guidance Counselor
Shamoyia Hadley
Counselor Last Name Lar-Ri
Google Number:  407-801-8741

Ms. James comes to us for the 2019-2020 school year after spending 11 years working as a counselor at Evans High School. She did her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Central Florida. Ms. James enjoying being a counselor as she enjoys working with the students as she learns from them as just as much as they learn from her. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time singing and traveling with her church acapella group called Revelation! 

Breona Gray Counselor Last Name Ro-Z 
Google Number: (407) 801 – 7137

Photo of Ranata WrightMs. Ranata Wright
Counselor for 504s & Football Academic Adviser 
Google Number: (321) 348-8897

Ms. Wright attended The University of South Florida and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications.  Ms. Wright holds two Master’s Degrees the first from The University of North Florida in Educational Leadership in Athletic Administration and the second from the University of West Florida in Educational Leadership.  She then went on to get her Specialist Degree from The University of Central Florida in School Counseling. Ms. Wright has been a Guidance Counselor for 5 years and chose to be a Guidance Counselor to help guide the next generation into their future.  Ms. Wright's hobbies are to watch her nephews play sports or relax at home. Ms. Wright wishes that all of her students will graduate from high school and live a successful life! Thank you, Ms. Wright, for all that you do for our school and students.
Photo of Melissa Gray
Melissa Gray
Academic Dean 
Google Number: 407-801-7745

Mrs. Gray attended Kent State University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physical Education.  She then attended Stetson University and earned her Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership. This is Mrs. Gray’s 3rd year of being an Academic Dean.  She enjoys working with students and encouraging students to graduate. When Mrs. Gray is not at school she enjoys spending time with her husband, her daughter Harper and her two dogs (Gabbie and Gracie). Mrs. Gray wishes that all of our seniors graduate and have options for the next step in their educational career. Thank you, Mrs. Gray, for all that you do for our school and students!

Photo of Jennifer Neiswanger
Jennifer Neiswanger 
College and Career Specialist 
Google Number: 407-796-2617

Ms. Neiswanger attended The University of North Florida and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a minor in Psychology.  Later she attended Troy University and earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. She also attended The University of Florida, UCF, and Valencia along with the way as she worked through going to school.  Ms. Neiswanger has been a Guidance Counselor for 11 years and a College and Career Specialist for 4 years. Ms. Neiswanger has always been a counselor and she was the one that others came to for listening or advice.  As a teacher, she always found herself advising her students about what classes they could/should take and career/college information. The more she helped the more she wanted to become a counselor. Outside of school, Ms. Neiswanger, enjoys Disney, traveling, photography music, and UF football.  Her next big adventure is a 14-day European cruise in December. Ms. Neiswanger hopes that her students will find what they are passionate about and are able to make that into a career. Thank you, Ms. Neiswanger, for all that you do for our school and students.

Guidance Team Contact Information:

Staffing Specialist:
Laurie Scussel
Google Voice Number: 407-815-4091
Guidance Coordinator/Registrar:
Michelle Kaiser Email:
Records Coordinator:
Simone Thomas 
Assistant Principal of Instruction:
Jodi Blevins Email:
Google Number:  407-536-6552 
Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 3 PM 


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School-Home Communication

According to Section 233.058, F.S. Rules 6A-6.0902,6A- 6.0904, 6A-6.0906, 6A-6.0908, F.A.C. and section I-IV, 1990 LULAC vs. State Board of Education Consent Decree “The Florida Department of Education shall monitor regularly to ensure that all communications (written and oral) between school district boards and personnel and parents of current or former language enriched pupils are undertaken in the parents’ primary language or other modes of communication commonly used by the parents unless clearly not feasible.”

In order to meet rule requirements, established procedures must be in place at each school in order to ensure that documents such as Code of Student Conduct, bus rules, disciplinary forms, suspension letters, school newsletters, registration procedures, ELL Committee meetings, IEP meetings, and other such documents/procedures are available in the native languages of the students served at each school and that staff member(s) are available to provide interpretation/translation services.

School staff should not ask students to serve as interpreters or translators. The responsibility for ensuring home-school communication rests with school employees. Students may not be used to fulfill this requirement. All interpretation/translation efforts shall be coordinated by the school first, when assistance in a less commonly spoken language is needed, please contact the Multilingual Students Education Services Department at 407-317-3410.