The Guidance department is the headquarters for student services. Guidance counselors can assist you in picking classes, signing up for tests, researching scholarships, and preparing for graduation and beyond.

Guidance Team Contact Information:

A - Co Ashley Foerst
Cr - Hi Andrea Seibel
Ho - Moo Delbert Green
Mor - Sc Ranata Wright
Se - Z          Sha'Tundria Jackson
College/Career Jennifer Neiswanger
Academic Dean Melissa Gray
Academic Dean Liz Rimmer
Guidance Coordinator Michelle Kaiser
Records Coordinator Simone Thomas
Assistant Principal Jodi Blevins

Transcrip Requests (10th - 12th grade only)

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School-Home Communication
According to Section 233.058, F.S. Rules 6A-6.0902,6A- 6.0904, 6A-6.0906, 6A-6.0908, F.A.C. and section I-IV, 1990 LULAC vs. State Board of Education Consent Decree “The Florida Department of Education shall monitor regularly to ensure that all communications (written and oral) between school district boards and personnel and parents of current or former language enriched pupils are undertaken in the parents’ primary language or other mode of communication commonly used by the parents unless clearly not feasible.”
In order to meet rule requirements, established procedures must be in place at each school in order to ensure that documents such as Code of Student Conduct, bus rules, disciplinary forms, suspension letters, school newsletters, registration procedures, ELL Committee meetings, IEP meetings, and other such documents/procedures are available in the native languages of the students served at each school and that staff member(s) are available to provide interpretation/translation services.

School staff should not ask students to serve as interpreters or translators. The responsibility for ensuring home-school communication rests with school employees. Students may not be used to fulfill this requirement. All interpretation/translation efforts shall be coordinated by the school first, when assistance in a less commonly spoken language is needed, please contact the Multilingual Students Education Services Department at 407-317-3410.