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We held our senior drive thru last Thursday night. After a 35 minute weather delay, the thunder and lightning passed and we just had lots of rain. I chose to go with out an umbrella, so I could applaud and raise my arms in the air for every senior and family members that drive by. 
So many emotions came to me while I stood and cheered through soaked clothing, shoes and my glasses—each student had a story. Each had a 13 year journey to this point and no two stories were the same. The car decorations and the kids in their caps and gowns told their stories on Thursday. How beautiful is that? 
“Education is not cookie cutter, it’s couture.”  There is no one size fits all; no small, medium, large and extra-large. This will forever be the defining attribute of public education. And only the schools that can balance quality control with individual pathways will truly succeed. A high school’s true success is actually never quantifiable. Because the success is deferred for a period of time—further study, formal training, changes in life circumstances, changing economic demands. When Norm Lewis graduated from Edgewater, who knew he would enrich stage and screen to the level he has? When Howie Dorough graduated from Edgewater, who knew he would thrill millions of fans around the world with music going platinum several times over? When Julia Pierson graduated, who knew she would lead the agency to protect the lives of US Presidents, their families and dignitaries?
Even if it happens just once a year, I see what a school means to kids—how their connection to their school matters. How much pride they feel wearing the cap and gown. Our interactions with kids either strengthen their connection to their school or weaken it. There has to be a certain level of consciousness. 
My adrenaline last Thursday didn’t come from the accomplishments of kids passing in cars, taking pictures, posting them on social media. It came from the excitement of what they will become. And selfishly, just maybe, a future Edgewater principal, hands raised triumphantly, drove by last night in cap and gown.

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Mark Shanoff, Ed.D, Principal

Edgewater High School 

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Edgewater Mission: Every Learner. Every Day. Every way. 

Edgewater Vision: To create an environment in which students feel collectively valued, empowered to be college and career ready, and to live purposeful lives.

OCPS Vision: To ensure every student has a promising and successful future 

OCPS Mission: With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways that lead our students to success 

OCPS Objectives: 

  • High Expectations for Student Learning 

  • Student Social and Emotional Well-Being 

  • Dedicated and High-Quality Team 

  •  Positive Climate and Safe Environment 

  • Efficient Operations 

  • Engaged and Invested Community 


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