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Welcome To Edgewater High School!

Two weeks until Thanksgiving Break, but who is counting? We are entering a great time of year for our school - we have a nice crossover in our sports seasons, our arts programs are finalizing their performances for the end of the calendar year, and we have students meeting their graduation requirements before the second semester!

But there is much to do between now and Thanksgiving. Remember, each day is a new day. Each day is Day One. And, just like the Washington Nationals did to win the World Series, our students, teachers and staff, just need to go 1-0 (undefeated) every day! 

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Dr Mark ShanoffMark Shanoff, Ed.D, Principal

Edgewater High School 

"The Pride of College Park and Orlando"

Mission: Every Learner. Every Day. Every way. 

Vision: To create an environment in which students feel collectively valued, empowered to be college and career ready, and to live purposeful lives. 




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