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We have several, what I would call, "critical weeks," over the course of the year. This upcoming week includes the critical semester exams and other progress monitoring assessments. Students with missing assignments must make plans with their teachers to make these up or risk losing any credit for the assignments. Parents, this is the time to take a close look at your child's grades and ensure your child self-advocates should there either be a discrepancy in the gradebook or your child has missing work.

Bottom line - the grades for the semester are critical. Eligibility for clubs, sports, scholarships and grants comes with the grades earned at the semester mark. Grades are earned not given. Students must ensure they are on time to class, present every day, and remain focused on the tasks that must be completed prior to the end of the semester.

The upcoming Winter Break is very enticing - two weeks of blissful rest and relaxation. But not before we run through the semester finish line, not coast or walk.

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Mark Shanoff, Ed.D, Principal

Edgewater High School 

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