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Welcome To Edgewater High School!

So, first week of second nine weeks are in the books and are you mindful of what’s been submitted and what hasn’t?

Yes, I’m checking in after the first week of the second nine weeks and not before the last week before a marking period.

 Do not get left behind. We must collectively commit to ALL students locking in to their responsibilities. The famous calls will resume. We have structures and systems in place for faulty devices. We have structures and systems rolled out for extra help in our tested content areas (see Canvas-student information). I’m meeting with parents on the daily about strategies to help organize and re-engage their kids.

 I’m holding our administrators, teachers and staff accountable for compassion, but continued high expectations. I will advocate for our kids until my last breath, but I am not going to accept “not trying” from any student.

To view the Eagle's Call this week use the link attached:

ark Shanoff, Ed.D, Principal

Edgewater High School 

"The Pride of College Park and Orlando"

Edgewater Mission: Every Learner. Every Day. Every way.

Edgewater Vision: To create an environment in which students feel collectively valued, empowered to be college and career ready, and to live purposeful lives.

OCPS Vision: To ensure every student has a promising and successful future 

OCPS Mission: With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways that lead our students to success

OCPS Objectives:

  • High Expectations for Student Learning 

  • Student Social and Emotional Well-Being 

  • Dedicated and High-Quality Team 

  •  Positive Climate and Safe Environment 

  • Efficient Operations 

  • Engaged and Invested Community 


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Skyward Parent Access Video Instructions

Student Tech Time

Tech time will be held from 8 AM-9:30 AM on a daily basis in the front of the school auditorium. 

2020-2021 EHS Organizational Chart