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Sound the horns! It's my annual message about reciprocal accountability! It always seems to fall at the same time every year - right before the end of the first marking period. The week leading up to the end of a marking period or a semester involves controlled panic regarding test re-takes, missing work, and discrepancies of "I don't have any record of you completing this assignment" vs. "But I turned it in!"

Our teachers have become increasingly more helpful in deferring to students regarding their grades approaching the end of the term. I see teachers responding to the students that are advocating for themselves. However, as I have stated for the last three years to students, triaging grades in the last week of a term is not a strategy.

I'm not referring to the situations involving grades and assignments that have just come through, but the assignments and tests from the beginning of the marking period deserve immediate attention.

College won't offer the re-takes that we offer. But we believe in mastery learning. And sometimes things can't be mastered the first time, but requires multiple exposures. In some cases, students struggle with certain formats of testing. And they require something different. The allure of working in this field is that we don't work on a production line-everything is couture. We will continue to get better so that the students can continue to get better!

It’s great to be an Edgewater Eagle!

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