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Since becoming a principal 11 years ago, I’ve experienced more student loss than I care to remember. It never gets easier. It never becomes routine. I’ve been asked, when situations arise in which you are asked to lead students through grief, how does the leader actually process grief themselves in order to ensure others can get through it? Simply, we process it like everyone else—just not at school and with everyone else. I was stuck in traffic Friday night trying to get from one end of town back to my daughter’s day care. And found myself losing patience on the 408, which I quickly pivoted thinking how fortunate that traffic is all I need to handle at that moment. I eventually got there. I’ve never walked in to the day care, and actually taken a moment when I sign out my child to give thanks that I am able to sign out my child and we were able to walk out hand-in-hand to the car. No one ever wants to outlive their own child and no one wants to outlive their own student. Thankfully, I’ve never lost a child, she’s alive and well and sitting next to me painting as I write this message. But I’ve lost students—all unique and it’s never the same. Starr Elisala was an amazing student. She was also an amazing daughter, and for that, our hearts goes out to her family. I’m hopeful our students and teachers find strength and inspiration in Starr’s amazingly positive disposition, as I will.

It’s great to be an Edgewater Eagle!

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