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Welcome To Edgewater High School!

As I type this message, I'm standing in line at the National Civil Rights Museum, staring at the doorway to room 306 at The Lorraine Motel, the site of one of our country's most horrific tragedies. And I wonder the same thing that the person behind me and in front of me is wondering - what would Dr. King say about society today if he were here? If you ask 1,000 people this question, you will get 1,000 different answers. So, I will share mine.

I think Dr. King would be proud of strides made, but realistic that there are miles left to go. We have not universally achieved the equality Dr. King dreamed of. We still have overwhelming disparities and gaps in opportunity. However, the pathways are there. Pathways, however, are created and sustained through mindsets. We must continue to evolve our mindset, challenge ourselves to be ever-conscious of Dr. King's dream. 

I'll never fully understand the life experience of the person in front of me or behind me because I've only walked in my shoes, but we must all remain vigilant that when we see an impediment to a person's inalienable rights, that we work together to move those barriers.

In the exhibits, I hope to challenge my own mental models about whether my behavior and decisions as a school leader contribute to upward mobility for all, no matter where they come to us from or prior experiences in school.

I'm proud to work in an institution and for an organization that works towards equity, opportunity and access for all.

School success brings power for our students. The power comes in the form of choices - choices for post-secondary success! 

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Mark Shanoff, Ed.D, Principal

Edgewater High School 

"The Pride of College Park and Orlando"

Mission: Every Learner. Every Day. Every way. 

Vision: To create an environment in which students feel collectively valued, empowered to be college and career ready, and to live purposeful lives. 




Recent News

2020 Spring Break Camp 

Spring Break Camp will offer the Edgenuity Lab which provides credit recovery for students to repeat courses and/or grade forgiveness who earned a D or F in a course they have previously taken.  (Credit will not be assigned to any classes until it has been successfully completed by the student.) 

See attachment below: 

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