Helen M. Torrence Chapter, Edgewater High School

Thank you for your interest in joining the Helen M. Torrance Chapter of the National Honor Society at Edgewater High School. Please see below for information regarding membership requirements, the tapping and induction process and how to maintain an active membership, post induction to the society.

Membership Eligibility: Students will be tapped for application to the society based on the following criteria:
GPA: Minimum of a 3.5 weighted AND 3.0 unweighted
Community Service Hours**:

  • 35 hours for tapped juniors

  • 50 hours for tapped seniors

*Students will be tapped to apply for membership based on GPAs pulled from student services. Applications are not available to the general student body, only those with the required academic components.

**NOTE: Community Service Hours must be documented with student services at the time of applications. Hours will be verified as part of the application process.

Tapping and Induction Process: 
“Tapping” is the process of being asked to apply for NHS membership, followed by approval of your application. Here is an outline of this process:

October 31, 2017: Students with eligible GPAs (tapped candidates) will be tapped and will have application packets delivered to them by the current NHS Executive Board.

November 14, 2017: Completed application packets will be due to Ms. Acevedo (Rm 2-308). Follow all specific instructions and deadlines on the application. The application packet requires verification of community service hours by the tapped candidate’s guidance counselor, evidence of previous leadership skills and a personal statement describing the tapped candidate’s interest in being an NHS member.

End of November: Official candidates tapped for induction will be required to attend an information meeting regarding the induction ceremony and NHS in its entirety. 

January 11, 2018: The candle light induction ceremony will be held during the evening. All current members, officially tapped candidates for induction, parents, other family members, friends and community members will be invited. Invitations will be given during the information meeting with specific time/date/location and attire instructions. During induction, candidates will become fully inducted chapter members and will receive a membership pin and certificate as well as all the honors, privileges and responsibilities of being an NHS member.

How to be an active NHS member:

All members are required to earn a minimum of 8 participation points per school quarter. More than 8 points are always available during any quarter. Point opportunities are made available to members in real time via the Google Classroom page.

Points may be obtained based on the following activities:

a. Attend Chapter Committee Activity = 1-2 points
b. Special Officer “Bonus Activities” = 1-3 points

Failure to meet the points requirement during a quarter will result in placement on probation for the following quarter during which the member on probation must earn the standard 8 participation points in addition to the number of points they were deficient in from the previous quarter.

For example:

Quarter 2- earned 6 out 8 points = 2 points delinquent

Quarter 3- must earn 10 points to be remain a member of good standing

All members may participate with additional chapter committees to obtain participation points per the committee leader and sponsor approval. Members may not be on probation for more than one quarter during their membership; members who are placed on probation for 2 quarters will be recommended to the faculty counsel for dismissal from membership. 

Full details regarding the points process, probation and dismissal procedures are described in the society bylaws which are available on this webpage. 

Resume NHS Example

Honor Society Bylaws