Electronic Device Policy

Cell Phone Policy for Students*

Cell Phone Policy for Students A student may possess a cell phone on Board property, on school transportation and at school activities, provided that during school hours, the cell phone is silenced and concealed. Pursuant to Section 1006.07, Florida Statutes, “a student may not use a wireless communications device during instructional time, except when expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes. A teacher shall designate an area for wireless communications devices during instructional time.”  For purposes of this section, the designated area will be in the student’s backpack or purse, except when expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes. Violations of the cell phone policy will be handled in accordance with the Code and may result in confiscation of said device.  If the cell phone is used in a criminal act (such as sexting as outlined in Florida Statutes and the Code), the cell phone will be provided to law enforcement and the student may face criminal penalties.   

The use of wireless communication devices is always prohibited during the school day (from the first morning bell to dismissal) unless expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes. Wireless communication devices include but are not limited to, cell phones and/or auxiliary/ancillary devices such as watches and ear buds.  Students may not receive discipline if they use their cellphone and/or ancillary device(s) to monitor a health condition that is documented through medical records provided to the school including, but not limited to, an IEP, a Section 504 Plan or a Health Plan. 

At no time shall OCPS be responsible for theft, loss or damage to cell phones or other electronic devices brought onto its property. 

These standards apply to all students in the public schools of Orange County. 

*This excerpt is from the 2023-2024 OCPS Code of Student Conduct document, found on page 30.  The full 2023-2024 Code of Student Conduct document is also available on this website or at www.ocps.net.