The School Advisory Council meets the Second Tuesday of the month in the ARC at 6:30 pm. Meetings generally last one hour. All meetings are open. Minutes of the SAC meetings are always available.

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What is the SAC? The School Advisory Council is a diverse, driven group of individuals who want to work to improve our school. The group is comprised of parents, community members, administrators, teachers and students all working together to make Edgewater a safe, academic and enjoyable environment. Each year, the SAC works hand-in-hand with the principal to both develop and evaluate the School Improvement Plan. Members also learn valuable information about Edgewater and use it to sponsor various activities throughout the year. 

Why should you join? To put it quite simply...we need you! We need the valuable, diverse voice of many to help create the vision for our school's future. A handful of people is simply not enough for this important task. There is no experience or academic background needed to be a SAC member - just a willingness to learn, ask questions, and meet the challenges of making a brighter EHS future.