Attendance Policy

Absences will be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Illness or injury
  2. Illness or death of a member of the student’s immediate family
  3. Recognized religious holiday and/or religious instruction
  4. Medical or dental appointments
  5. Court appearance
  6. Pre-arranged absence of educational value with principal’s prior approval


Excuse notes signed by a parent/guardian or medical notes must be turned into the Attendance Office within 48 hours of a student’s return to school. Please include the following information in the note:

  1. Student first and last name
  2. Student 10 digit identification number
  3. Student grade level
  4. Home telephone number
  5. Date or dates of absence
  6. Parent/Guardian signature
  7. Reason for absence

Phone calls, E-mails and faxes will not be accepted.


Any student having 10 absences in a semester course or 20 days in a yearlong course is subject to failing. They will be required to take the comprehensive exam.


Parents, with proper identification, must sign out students leaving early in the Attendance Office. If a student must leave early, they must bring a signed note by a parent/guardian before school starts in order to receive a permit to leave. NO phone calls, No E-mails and NO faxes will be accepted for early dismissal.


OCPS Attendance Policy