College and Career Center

College & Career Resource Center

Emffany L. Holmes, College & Career Specialist
[email protected]
M-F 7:30-2:30 PM  

The goal of the College & Career Resource Center is to help students be prepared for a smooth transition to post-secondary life. In order to accomplish this goal, we strive to educate students about the many options available to them and the path to make those dreams a reality. College and Career planning, College, Vocational and Military visits, assisting with the application process, and supporting the search for scholarships, internships, employment opportunities and financial aid are some of the many ways the CCRC supports students. 

Additionally, we will have several after school  College and Career workshops and presentations, that will be announced throughout the school year. These activities will be open to students and parents. Schedule of events with be shared through the College & Career Page, the Eagle’s Call, and Connect Ed, to name a few.    

For an in-person or virtual appointment, please email me at [email protected] or [email protected]  

Students must have permission from any teacher to miss their class…and must arrive at CCRC with a pass. Parents must check into the front office, for access to the College and Career Center.

Scheduling hours are from 7:30am-2:30pm.

Student walk-in hours: During A & B Lunch 

The primary tool for communication from the College & Career Resource Center is through CANVAS, the Eagle’s Call (weekly school newsletter).  Please pay close attention to announcements and information there.  The College & Career Resource Center will share information about college visits, scholarships, and extra-curricular & enrichment opportunities for students via CANVAS announcements under Student Body.  Additionally, the College & Career Page of Canvas has a listing of all scholarships that have been advertised by due date. 

College and Career Planning Resources 

College and career planning begins as soon as you start taking high school classes. You should start exploring options for careers, colleges and programs as early as possible.  Students should take a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and work to maintain the best GPA possible. Involvement in extracurricular, enrichment and leadership activities, community service and maintaining a record of good character helps students be more competitive in securing post-secondary options. 

The following is a partial list of web-based resources to help facilitate the college planning process. There are MANY great resources available to students free of charge.  

Big Future 

SCOIR (Available on student’s OCPS Launchpad) 


Admissions Revolution (There are many FREE resources on this site. You do NOT need to pay to access these resources.) 

College Essay Guy (There are many FREE resources on this site. You do NOT need to pay to access these resources.) 

College Match Self-Survey for College Bound Students 

Financial Aid 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (opens October 2021 for class of 2022)  

Bright Futures Requirements and Award Amounts 

Video Tutorial for Florida Financial Aid Application (2020) 

College Admission Testing (SAT and ACT) 

College admission testing remains an important part of the college admissions process even though some schools are currently “test optional”. Students are encouraged to test early to secure the scores needed for the colleges and scholarships they are pursuing. 

ACT dates and online registration 

SAT dates and online registration 

Read about the differences between SAT and ACT 


Many local or regional scholarships will be advertised and promoted through CANVAS.  There will be announcements sent AND a permanent listing on the College & Career Page under Student Body. Students should pay close attention to scholarship requirements and deadlines. 

Students are also encouraged to research other scholarship opportunities using one of the many free search engines. A sample of national scholarship search engines are listed below. (There are MANY.) Remember, these scholarships are open to everyone, so it is important to spend your time only applying to the ones for which you feel you are uniquely qualified. It is also a good idea to create a separate e-mail account when you sign up for these national scholarship sites because you will receive lots of e-mails daily from these sites.  Remember, students should NOT need to pay ANYTHING to use a search engine! 

Search Engines 








Southern Scholarship Organization – Housing Scholarship  

Military Interest

Representatives from each branch of the military will be on campus throughout the year to meet with students.  If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities that the military can provide, please complete the short survey below. This will help us connect you to the appropriate recruiter when they are on campus. Military Interest Link  

Resources & Forms: 

College Application Checklist 

Senior Brag Sheet 

Senior Year College Admission Timeline 

Resume Sample Template  

Florida State University Application Requirements Matrix (Will be updated for 2021 when available)

NCAA Eligibility Center