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Heather Kreider

Good afternoon, Eagle families and community.  We have had a tremendous week with student achievements in academics, sports and performing arts!  Our Theatre department put on a stellar production of the musical Chicago (High School Edition) that was an absolute blast to watch.  You can see how hard those students worked to make it a great show.  Stay tuned for their spring production.  We got a round of SAT results and 19 students earned a concordant score that will help meet graduation requirements.  Continue to push on your students to prepare and take every opportunity to demonstrate mastery.  Football had another great week with a solid WIN against Wekiva High School.  Our next game will be on Friday, October 22nd at Ridge Community High School.  This will be our final district game, so come on out to Davenport to cheer on our Eagles Friday night!

Next week we will have our second mental health lesson as part of the state required 5 hours of mental health instruction.  This will take place on Thursday, October 21st as part of a special assembly bell schedule.  Students will attend all classes, and have an extended block to complete the activities.  Rounding out our activities for next week will be an ACT test on Saturday morning, October 23rd for those who have signed up to take this test.  

 This weekend I have been thinking about adjustments.  We don't make forward progress without adjusting our thoughts, plans and actions.  During the opening performance of Chicago, one of our curtains got stuck, but the performers and theatre teacher made adjustments so that the show could go on and it was successful.  The football coaches and players make constant adjustments to overcome challenges, mistakes and injuries so that we continue to win.  Academics, cross country, volleyball, swimming, golf, bowling, chess, musicians … all require constant assessment, analysis and adjustment to improve outcomes.  Your teachers and administrative staff have been making these same adjustments as we navigate the unique challenges of this year to ensure academic success for our students.  

 Report cards for the 1st quarter are available on skyward on Thursday. Parents, please take some time to talk to your child about their grades and set some goals for the 2nd quarter. 

 If you haven't taken a moment to thank a teacher, coach or mentor for the extraordinary work they have done this year, please consider doing so.   It is in pulling together as a family and being surrounded by encouragement that our teachers and coaches can continue to push our students to success.  They need you more now than ever to show up in their corner. 

 "The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters.  The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day."  ~ Todd Whitaker

Heather Kreider

EHS Motto:
Every Learner ■ Every Day ■ Every Way ■ To an A!

EHS & OCPS Vision:
To ensure every student has a promising and successful future

EHS & OCPS Mission:
With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways to lead our students to success  


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