EST Course Progressions

There are many different scenarios that effect the schedule, such as the current math course. Below are EST Course Progressions for each grade level. 

ESt Grade 9 Course Progression
Note: Digital Information Technology is a required course for all 9th graders. This course will allow the student to earn the Microsoft Office Suite industry certification for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

*Possible changes:
 HOPE could be dropped if the student took the course at FLVS. 

EST grade 10 progression

Note:  EST students can take MULTIPLE EST classes or focus on meeting requirements like completing 2 years of a foreign language. 

EST grade 11 Progression
NOTE:  Dual Enrollment via VCC is available for 11th and 12th grade magnet students as long as they at least are enrolled in their EST elective.  

grage 12 EST course progression